The lawyers at Zeman-Mullen & Ford, LLP, over the course of many years’ experience, have come to understand the role of intellectual property lawyers in business. In a free market economy, the acquisition of proprietary rights, and their subsequent enforcement, is critical to the enhancement of both competitiveness and business equity value.

In this regard, the role of the intellectual property lawyer is first to help the client articulate a defined and attainable proprietary rights strategy according to the needs, market and budget of the business. The intellectual property lawyer then supplies the work product and deliverables that implement and maintain that strategy over time.

Both Laura Zeman-Mullen and Stuart Ford are therefore committed to the philosophy that conventional IP law deliverables, such as patents, trademark registrations, licenses and clearance opinions, are merely tools that successful businesses use to enhance competitiveness and equity value. Laura and Stuart thus believe all client counseling should support a defined business strategy rather than focus on the mere acquisition of IP law deliverables. In this way, clients can acquire and enforce proprietary rights, and approve legal expense, in the context of a defined business strategy with an associated budget.

If this philosophy resonates with yours, we would welcome the opportunity to explore working with you to achieve your business objectives.