Zeman-Mullen & Ford, LLP focuses its practice exclusively on intellectual property law. The scope of this practice typically includes patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret matters.

The firm’s primary philosophy is to counsel its clients in the use of appropriate intellectual property tools to achieve defined business strategies. In order to support this philosophy, the firm offers a wide variety of work product to implement its clients’ strategies, such as patent prosecution, trademark registration, freedom-to-operate and clearance work, license and other technology agreement drafting, IP due diligence in business transactions, patent portfolio analysis, opinion work, expert witness work, and, if and when necessary, litigation.

The firm’s lawyers have technological expertise in the engineering and life science fields, with particular emphasis on biomechanical, industrial mechanical, materials science and electrochemical arts. The business focus of the firm’s technology clients includes, for example, medical devices, cosmetic and cosmeceutical products, materials science, industrial tools, semiconductors, and bioscience products. The firm also represents, for example, retailers, food and beverage manufactures, artists, and book publishers in its trade secret, trademark and copyright practices.

The firm’s staff is highly experienced in the administrative support of their clients’ domestic and foreign intellectual property portfolios. The firm has a worldwide network of foreign associates with which its lawyers have worked for many years, both domestic and foreign.